Ed mustapha
Ed Mustapha is the leader of a black militant group called Uhuru. He appears in the 3rd film The Enforcer. His hideout was in a barber shop in the Filmore District. He was a black supremacist who believed all the whites in America would eventually kill each other off allowing african americans to take over the USA. Terrorist Henry Lee was once part of his group, so Mustapha was familair with Bobby Maxwell. Detective Harry Callahan goes to Ed Mustapha to get whatever information he can on Henry Lee and the terrorist group. After intimidation and a bargain, Mustapha tells Callahan everything about the Peoples' Revolutionary Strike Force and Bobby Maxwell. Later the Uhuru group is wrongfully arrested by Captain Jerome Mcckay thinking they are the guilty terrorists. However Harry and Kate bail him out of jail. Afert being bailed out Mustapha told Callahan wear to find Wanda. Big Ed Mustapha was played by Dirty Harry regular Albert Popwell.