Bobby Maxwell

Status: Deceased 
  • Maxwell is blown into the sky by Harry Callahan

Bobby Maxwell is the 3rd Dirty Harry villian. He is the main villian of The Enforcer He is the leader of the Peoples' Revolutionary Strike Force terrorist group. Originally Bobby served in the Vietnam war where he met some of his future terrorist members. After the war Maxwell became a pimp. In the summer of 1971 he met Inspector Harry Callahan in a murder case. He served time in San Quentin prison. Later on he became a terrorist and formed a terrorist group with fellow vietnam soldiers. In 1975 he and his group planted two bombs in a nuclear plant in Fessenheim, France. In 1976 he and his group planned to extort San Francisco. First he lured gas company men and killed them to steal their van. Then he came to a weapons supply depot and pretended to be a gas company guy to fix something. He and his fellow terrorists then stole many weapons including rocket launchers and explosives. In the process of stealing, he killed Frank Digiorgio by sliting his throat. He then threatened to blow up half of San Francisco unless they were paid 3 million dollars. Then they kidnapped the mayor of San Francisico and hid out in Alcatraz Island. Harry and his partner Moore assualted their hideout and killed all the terrorists. However Maxwell managed to kill Moore by shooting her. Harry in revenge picked up a rocket launcher Bobby dropped and blew him up. Before Maxwell was killed he ran out of ammo and was calling for Karl and Tex to help him not knowing they had been killed. He screamed in horror as Harry launched a rocket at him, blowing the tower with Maxwell inside into fiery shreds. Ironically after he is killed, a police helicopter arrived saying that all of Maxwell's demands had been met and that they would be paid and given a plane trip to another country. Bobby Maxwell was played by Devern Bookwalter