Status: Deceased

Harlan Rook is the last Dirty Harry villain. He appears in The Dead Pool. Rook was a horror movie addict. He was a deranged and obsessive fan of horror film director Peter Swan. He would stalk Peter Swan to every convention or seminar he visited. Harlan wrote a horror movie script and asked Peter Swan to make into a movie. He insisted that it would be the "ultimate Peter Swan movie". Peter Swan was creeped out by the crazy Rook and had a restraining order issued against him. Harlan had a mental condition known as processed schizophrenia, a condition where he had no personality of his own and instead would imitate people from books and movies because of his self-hatred. He lived in the fantasy worlds of horror movies. A year later Rook planned to frame Peter Swan and have him jailed. Harlan believed that Peter Swan stole his nightmares and made movies from them. He became very angry with Peter Swan. Harlan Rook made his own Dead Pool List and started killing celebrities while pretending to be Peter Swan. He killed rock star Johnny Squares by poisoning him with synthetic drugs, movie critic Molly Fisher by stabbing her with his knife, and talk show host Nolan Kennard by blowing him up with a bomb. He was framing Swan. He hoped that Inspector Harry Callahan would arrest Swan. In the meantime Harlan was working as a security guard for Peter Swan's movie production under the name of Ed Butler. In the end Harry found out who the real killer was. Harlan tried to kill Harry with a remote control car bomb, but failed. Rook then kidnapped news reporter Samantha Walker. He pretended to be Peter Swan and asked for her to interview him. Rook killed her camera man and took her to the movie studio where he told her his evil scheme and wanted to interview her. When she tried to fight him he almost raped/killed her. In the final confrontation Harlan Rook got Harry's gun and tried to kill Harry and Samantha. Harry waited for Rook to run out of bullets while running away from him. Harry ended up killing Rook with a harpoon gun, which left Harlan pinned to the wall. Harlan Rook tried to look and sound like Peter Swan. He had a British accent, had his hair tied back in a ponytail, and wore a Hotel Satan crew jacket. Rook is presumably from England. He was played by David Hunt.

Harlan rook dead

Rook gets the Hook