Lt.Neil Briggs

Status: Deceased

Lt. Briggs is Harry's Boss and the primary antagonist in the second Dirty Harry film, Magnum Force. When San Francisco criminals were being executed, Lt.Briggs was investigating. He didn't want Harry around the homicide investigations, because he switched him to stake out. Briggs and Callahan have a rivalry. He was on the police force before Callahan, and never had to take his gun out once. Briggs is always yelling at Harry for being too violent and doesn't approve of Harry killing people. Lt.Briggs thinks that the vigilantes are just rival criminals killing each other and doesn't believe they're cops. Briggs rejects Callahan theories and discredits his evidence. Briggs brags that he never had to take his gun out before, but that changes when he turns out to be the bad guy. When Harry disarms a bomb meant to kill him and Briggs picks him up in his car, Briggs reveals that he is the ringleader of the vigilantes. This is a shock, since he always complained about violence. He says that vigilantisim is justified, evil for evil. He arranged for Grimes to help kill Harry. Harry manages to disarm Briggs and later throw him out of the car. After Harry kills the crooked vigilante cops, Briggs pops up out of nowhere and tells Harry there's more cops like them. He then tells Harry he's going to prosecute him. While Briggs does this, Harry re-arms the bomb and throws it into the car without Briggs noticing. Lt. Briggs' last words are "It'll be my word against yours, and who's going to believe you?" "You're a killer Harry a maniac." As he drives off he gets blown up and Harry replied "A man's got to know his limitations" Briggs was an overzealous police officer and had very radical ideas. He is also the only Dirty Harry villain older than Harry. He was played by Academy Award-nominee Hal Holbrook.