Mick the rapist

Dead mick

Mick's death

Status: Deceased

Mick is the fourth Dirty Harry Villian in Sudden Impact. However he dosen't really appear until later on in the movie. Mick led a small gang in San Paulo when he was in college. Little is known about Mick except Mick and his friends gang raped Jennifer Spencer and her sister Elizabeth while in college. Then 10 years later he was living in Las Vegas where he frequently had sex with hookers and was rough with them. Mick is very violent and abusive towards women. He was a misogynistic rapist. Ray Parkins called Mick to come by San Paulo becuase the other rapists were being killed by Jennifer. When he arrived from Las Vegas he stayed at Ray's house. He and Ray planned on killing Jennifer. Mick figured that Jennifer would eventually come by Ray's house for revenge. While they were waiting Mick fell asleep on the couch. Ray Parkins desperate for affection tried to make love to Mick but when he woke up he started beating her up. Callahan came by the house to question Ray interrupting their fight. When Mick tried to grab his gun he was stopped and beat up by Callahan and then arrested. After being put in jail he called Chief Janning's house but Lester did not answer the phone. Krueger's brother in-laws Eddie and Carl later bailed him out of jail. Mick and his two goons broke into Harry's motel room but Harry's friend Horrace King arrived before Harry. Mick killed Horace with a switch blade knife. He and his two friends ambush Callahan at the fish shop and they beat him up for revenge and tossed him into the ocean. Then Mick, Eddie, and Carl arrived at Chief Jannings house and kidnap Jennifer. Mick taunted Chief Jannings and killed him. Mick planned to rape Jennifer all over again at the same carnival with the help from Kruger's brother in-laws Eddy and Carl. However Jennifer said he would have to kill her before he could rape her. He brutally beat up Jennifer and right before he could kill her Harry came to the rescue. When Harry arrived he was shocked because he thought he killed him. After Eddy and Carl were killed Mick took Jennifer on the top of the big dipper and held her as a human shield. He taunted Harry about killing Jennifer. Jennifer managed to escape Mick and Harry shot him twice in the chest with the Auto-Mag. Mick then fell to his death on a carousel unicorn and was impaled on the horn. Then Harry told the police that Mick's gun was used in the all the killings. That way Jennifer was free to go. Mick was framed for all the killings. He was played by Paul Drake.