Status: Deceased

Davis was one of the vigilante police officers and villians of the 2nd Dirty Harry film Magnum Force. Davis was a rookie traffic cop. He and his three fellow rookie buddies, along with Lt.Briggs, planned to kill all criminals in San Francisco. Davis was the best shot of the group. He was so good he beat Harry Callahan in the annual shooting competition. However, Davis was dirty and possibly sociopathic. He killed fellow police man Charlie McCoy because he was at a criminal murder scene. Ironically, Davis came to McCoy's funeral and said he felt responsible for the officer's death. Davis and his fellow vigilante cops killed Harry's partner Early Smith and tried to kill Harry, when Harry found out it was them doing the killings. Later, Davis and Red chased Harry around in an old navy ship. Davis was the last officer to die. He died in a motorcycle chase while chasing Harry. He accidentally fell off the ship and fell to his death in the ocean. Harry replied, "Briggs was right, you guys don't have enough experience"

He was played by David Soul, known for his roles in Starsky and Hutch and Salem's Lot.

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