Ray parkins

Ray Parkins on the left

Status: Deceased

Ray Parkins a villainess in Sudden Impact. She is a violent, foulmouthed and rowdy woman who hangs out at bars to play darts and is abusive to most people she meets. She was part of Mick's little gang in college. She lured Jennifer Spencer and her sister to get raped by inviting them to a party at a carnival boardwalk. Years later, after the gang split up, Jennifer started to get revenge by killing her rapists. Ray, the first to react, called Mick to come back from Las Vegas to help. Ray is rightly described as being a witch by many people. She meets her doom after Mick is arrested and Jennifer shoots Ray in the chest and the head after Ray calls Jennifer's catatonic sister a slut. In the movie, no one wants her. She tries to flirt with Harry Callahan and tries to make love to Mick. Both fight her off.